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Well This saterday is the day Full Metal Alchemist Premiere's on Cartoon Network if anybody is interested. My opinion is to definatly watch! This anime is Awsome.  I cant want to give it a look. I really hope they don't ruin it's rep, which is Highly doubtful because I feel as if this is going to be one of the next Big Things.


This episode starts us off with Sasuke at the hospital, due to his injury in the earlier episode. The episode starts off very laid back and cool. We see that Shikamaru (out of all the many chunin examinee's) is chosen to become chunin. Chouji is teased by Ino. And Shikamaru shows his friendship to Chouji and cheers him up. ( A true Blue Friendship that will bloom). Saukura arrives at the hospital to bring lunch to Sasuke. Sasuke seem's very upset and angered. Many flashback occour which causes Sasuke to become very angered and evvious of naruto. Sasuke puts up his offer and says " I want to fight you!" . Naruto is led upstairs by Sasuke followed by Sakura and they battle on the roof of the building. Right before the episode cuts we are left seeing Naruto using the Rasengin and Sasuke using his Infamous Chidori.

A good episode in my opinion. I really enjoyed it!

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