Prefit (solo_shikamaru) wrote in generalanime,

Signs You Watch/Read Too Much Naruto

- Bought real shinobi weapons
- ... And you bring them around everywhere.
- ... And got arrested for it.
- Ramen is your diet.
- Memorized all the hand seals
- ... And attempted to do the Water Dragon Jutsu Zabuza used at the same rate
- ... And went to the hospital by breaking your wrists
- You think you actually can pull out Chakra
- ... And tried to run up a tree with only your feet
- ... And fell so many times you had to go to the hospital again
- You plan to become president and rename yourself as the Hokage.
- Whenever seeing something ninja-related you scream "NARUTO!" involuntarily
- ... You actually watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because of Naruto
- Watched so much of it that you got Itachi lines

Edit (Yes, I'm THIS bored! O_O):
- You hold a funeral everytime a character you liked died
- Secretly think that Micheal Jackson is related to Orochimaru
- Put heavy eyeshadow around your eyes and ran around throwing sand at random people
- You threw out all your shoes and replaced them with Naruto sandals (or sandals resembling them)
- Your eye twitches when you see pointy noses
- Collected over 300 Naruto pictures in your computer
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